I love it when I stumble across awesome products that make me feel totally justified in spending a little extra cash: the super cute Splendid Breast Cancer Awareness tank, my Product (Red) iPod, and weekly treks to the Farmer’s Market in support of local food suppliers.

Peasant Top $50.40

Peasant Top $50.40

My latest obsession is the new clothing site Zelaz.  It features affordable and comfortable fashion designs for tweens, teens, and juniors. A self-described store with a conscience, Zelaz gives back to the community by dedicating 5% of revenues to worthy causes that help girls with fewer resources. Every purchase supports charities that help girls succeed.  Plus, their clothes are pretty cute, too!

As if that wasn’t incentive enough to shop, shipping is a flat-rate of $5 whether you buy one item or 15.  Check out Zelaz.com to see their latest sales and offerings.


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