Being a senior, I am on the seemingly never ending task of selecting the right college to attend in the fall. With all these great universities to choose from, I have found myself wondering about the reasons for which I am selecting a college.

Obviously being seventeen years old, friends and boyfriends have influence over the choices you make whether you realize it or not. I am currently sitting in a Berkeley dorm room wondering if I want to go to Berkeley because my best friend goes here, or if I want to go to Berkeley because I genuinely love the school.

To be completely honest, I have always been more of a city girl. I love to shop, eat at restaurants and surround myself with the sounds of a bustling city. When I picture myself at college, I have always pictured myself at a school like USC or USF. All of the sudden I find myself thinking that it would be best for me to be up in the free-loving town of Berkeley.

What causes this sudden shift? What causes this abrupt change in the thought process that I have had for so many years? I think that those two questions are better suited for a therapist or college counselor but as a young woman, I find them rather interesting. I like to think of myself as a mature, level headed young adult. And all of the sudden, all these plans that I have for myself have been over-ruled by a brief thought of spontaneity.

I guess the ultimate question that I am getting at is whether or not to run with this new found excitement. Do I abandon what I always thought would be the right path for myself and attend a smaller, private university? Or do I see myself fitting into Berkeley, California?

Taking the time to sort out all these thoughts is just one minor process involved with college. Compared to applications, essays, transcripts and interviews, ironically, this seems to be the hardest. There is always the fear that once you make a choice, it will be the wrong one. How do you move past that fear to bigger and greater things?

I don’t know the answer to that question, but through my blogging, I hope to find it!

Alex is a Youth Editor for Guide & Seek and a senior at Santa Margarita High School in Orange County, California. Her ultimate goal is to attend law school to become a sports and entertainment attorney, however, before that can happen she hopes to attend UC Berkeley or the University of Southern California in the fall.


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