The cost of textbooks can add up quickly, so if you’re looking to save a little cash on your books then check out  With over a million titles for rent, Chegg helps students save $$ on pricey Biology or Literature Anthologies and delivers those books right to your front door.  Once you’re finished with textbooks, you package them up and send them back with Chegg’s preprinted and paid postage. And if at the end of your semester or quarter, you really can’t bear to part with Calculus 101, Chegg will sell you the textbook at a reduced price. And if that wasn’t enough incentive to rent vs. buy, Chegg plants a tree for every textbook rented which has resulted in over a 100 acres a new trees!  So save some time, some money, and even a little earth just by renting your textbooks.  For more info visit


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