Last week I attended a reception for College Summit (an awesome non-profit that helps low-income and first generation students prepare for college) and while there I met Michele Siqueiros, the executive director for The Campaign for College Opportunity.  She and her staff are doing all they can to make sure that California continues to invest in quality educational programs, and here’s how you can help.

Now through March 15th, 2009 The Campaign for College Opportunity is accepting submissions for their scholarship contest “Save Me A Spot In College,” and they’re giving away $125,000 in scholarships ranging from $500 to $2500 prizes.  To enter the contest, you must be a 6 – 12th grade student in California and submit either an essay, poster, or TV Ad answering the question “Why should California leaders save you and your peers a spot in college?”

This is a great opportunity to put your creative skills to work for a good cause, let legislators know why college is important to you, and possibly earn yourself a college scholarship.  And who knows?  Your submission just might be the one that convinces our leaders to spend more money on education.  Good luck!


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