When I was in high school (ages ago!) the only time I had to worry about administrators possibly reading about my extra-curricular escapades was at the end of the year when we passed out our yearbooks to be signed by our super cool history or English teachers. Now all that has changed with teachers friending students on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. And don’t think college admission officers aren’t looking up student profiles online–cause they so want to know what’s between the lines of your college applications–which is why I always recommend that you keep your profiles private, unless, of course, you don’t care who knows what you did the night before last.

But all this begs the question of whether or not it’s cool or creepy to be friends with teachers or professors or admission officers on social networking sites? Is there a line being crossed? All this came to mind after reading this article on CNN. I’m not sure what the answer is, and I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue…as long as we can still be friends.


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  1. Michelle Clark says:

    I am a teacher and I am friends with many of my students on facebook! I have often wondered if it is crossing a line, but being a private school teacher allows for much more freedom in our relationships with our students than public school teachers. I think that it keeps some students “in check” about their profiles a little more since they know their teachers are watching. The students will sometimes e-mail me on facebook questions on homework! So I think that it can be beneficial for the student, and it does allow for myself as a teacher to get to know my students on a different level-and when you can connect with a student over something outside of the classroom, they are much more likely to work harder and respect you more as a teacher. Just my thoughts :)

  2. Jen Haldimann says:

    I am a French teacher in a public school, and I won’t add students as “friends” until after they graduate. Even then, I only add students who send a request to me and are students that I am close to, such as those I have had for several years. In addition, I set my settings so that my former students can’t see pictures/videos other people post of me as this is something I have little control over. I don’t add current students as I don’t want to be bothered with homework stuff at home, and even though I agree it might keep their profiles “in check”, in case it doesn’t I would hate to see some of the stuff some of them post and then have to see them in class the next day.

  3. jayejfenderson says:

    Yeah, that totally makes sense. You make a really good point about how students are more aware to keep their profiles in check if they’re friends with teachers. And I personally think social networking is an awesome tool for teachers and mentors to interact with students, but there are definitely some people out there abusing it.

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