One of the questions I get asked pretty frequently is, “Do I know of any good internships?” I usually first direct students to their college career center which should be a good resource for internships and potential jobs, but sometimes schools don’t have the best track record for advertising those opportunities to students.

Enter, a very cool internship finder that connects potential employees with current students and offers student reviews of internships, which I think is critical.  It’s great to know whether that internship at XY publisher will actually give you a glimpse of life as an editor or if you’ll be relegated to the basement sorting mail–not an awesome way to spend the summer.  Landing a great internship or two or three can not only be extremely helpful in figuring out what career path you want to take (or not take for that matter!), but it can also give you an edge when it comes to applying for that job once you graduate. Since summer is just around the corner, now’s a great time to start searching for that perfect internship.


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