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This year I’m heading back to high school (as a documentary filmmaker), so of course I had to stock up on some back-to-school production supplies. Here are the items I am loving right now…

This super cute shoulderbag from Kissycake is perfect for holding my production notebook and pens.  Plus, you can custom order the strap for your height and choose from a selection of animals.  I like Mr. Giraffe, but Octopus and Bird are pretty cute, too.  ($35 Red Giraffe Bag)

I’m kind of in love with these pens from mmmg.  Choose from a brown bear of the forest, a polar bear from the north, a cloud that is always smiling or a peaceful white dove. ($5 Uppercase Gallery)

And the perfect place to keep my polar bear pen is in this cute Mosaic Zipper Purse from Tepper Jackson!  I have my girlfriends Lisa and Nicole to thank for keeping me in style with this awesome bday present.  Get your own at Pajamamania!  ($24.95 Tepper Jackson Mosaic Zipper Purse)

For more great back-to-school accessories including locker sets, stationary, laptop cases, and more, check out Seventeen’s Best Back to School Accessories!

What are your favorite back-to-school must-haves?


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Shopping for school supplies has pretty much been a back-to-school ritual for the last decade of your life. But before you head off to college, you better be sure you’ve got more than a hefty stash of pens and notebooks. Here’s a list of some not-so-obvious things you might want to add to your usual school shopping spree.

1. bathrobe
Most dorm rooms don’t afford you the luxury of a private bathroom, so you might want to invest in a stylish, comfy bathrobe for those hallway treks to the shower.

2. shower caddy
How’s a girl going to transport her toiletries from dorm room to bathroom? Invest in a handy shower caddy big enough to hold everything you need to maintain that squeaky-clean image.

3. spill-proof travel mug
There’s nothing like a hot drink during an early morning class or a mid-afternoon caffeine pick-me-up, and a spill-proof travel mug is the best way to transport your favorite drink. Not only are these beverage containers usually permissible in libraries, but coffee shops often will give you a discount for using your own mug (not to mention the kudos you get for doing your part to help the environment).

4. flip-flops
Whether you’re going to school on the beach or in the Alaskan tundra, flip-flops for the great indoors are a must-have for any dorm dweller. Chances are you’re going to be running down the hallways for late night chat sessions, and flip-flops are a great alternative to going barefoot. They also come in handy if you’re skeeved out by the communal shower.

5. mini reading light
A lot of college homework will entail reading, so you may want to invest in a mini reading light that can attach to your book or bed. This gives you the option to stay up late without flooding the room with the overhead light. Plus, your roommate will love you for it.

To see the 12 other items on the list read my full article “College Packing List” on Seventeen!  And I’d love to hear what stuff you wouldn’t want to live without in college…


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For me the only thing that ever really redeemed the idea of going back to school was the prospect of getting new school supplies: the 96-count package of Crayola crayons, a Wonder Woman lunch box, and, of course, the Trapper Keeper filled with reams of fresh notebook paper and the little plastic sleeve to showcase that picture of Leonardo DiCaprio ripped from the pages of Tiger Beat.

Back to school was so fun, and it still is thanks to the creative genius of the designers at Rock Scissor Paper (my favorite paper product store!). They’ve just launched a new back-to-school line featuring super cute notebooks and college-ruled paper. It’s time to get your doodle on!

rockscissor_paper1.gif rockscissor-notebook.jpg


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