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One of the questions I get asked pretty frequently is, “Do I know of any good internships?” I usually first direct students to their college career center which should be a good resource for internships and potential jobs, but sometimes schools don’t have the best track record for advertising those opportunities to students.

Enter, a very cool internship finder that connects potential employees with current students and offers student reviews of internships, which I think is critical.  It’s great to know whether that internship at XY publisher will actually give you a glimpse of life as an editor or if you’ll be relegated to the basement sorting mail–not an awesome way to spend the summer.  Landing a great internship or two or three can not only be extremely helpful in figuring out what career path you want to take (or not take for that matter!), but it can also give you an edge when it comes to applying for that job once you graduate. Since summer is just around the corner, now’s a great time to start searching for that perfect internship.


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Today I’m featured in an interview with Dan Schawbel, the author of the forthcoming Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Kaplan, April 09) and publisher of both the award winning Personal Branding Blog and Personal Branding Magazine. We spoke about how college admissions has changed in the midst of our tumultuous economy, what admissions officers are looking for in applicants, and how social networking factors into the admissions process. Check out the full interview here, and while you’re at have fun looking around Dan’s site.  If you’re just about to graduate from college or thinking about your future career path, he offers some great tips and advice for landing a great job in this tough economy.


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Q: “What are some good jobs that are enjoyable and can show my creative side, but still pay good money despite the fact that the economy isn’t doing too well?”

–Keema, 16, Williamstown, NJ

A: It seems no matter how old you are, the economy has everyone worried these days. But the silver lining on the cloud of unemployment is that the U.S. Department of Labor is reporting growth in several major industries, which is good news for future job seekers. If you’re interested in a career that gets your creative juices and money flowing, then check out these hot job industries forecasted to stay sizzling until 2014:

Information Technology — You’ve seen the explosion of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a huge demand for creative and tech-savvy developers, programmers, and designers. The Internet just keeps on growing, and that’s good news for job seekers in the information tech industry.

Marketing & Public Relations — A business can only get as big as the audience it reaches, and for that you need marketers, analysts and publicists. Writing, event planning, running promotions, researching trends, advertising, and thinking outside the box are just some of the skills this hot industry demands.

Health Care — Beyond just doctors and dentists and nurses, there is a growing need for care in the retirement community. Think that doesn’t sound creative? Think again. Social directors for active adult communities are responsible for keeping a packed schedule of entertaining events, kind of like a cruise director on land.

For more of my answers to your high school, college and career questions, visit Seventeen’s College Q&A!


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