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It’s that time of year when anxious students start receiving college decision notices, and it used to be there was only one way to find out: the thin or thick envelope waiting in the mail.  Now, however, colleges are texting, emailing, video messaging, and care-packaging their admission notifications. And I wonder if anyone bothered to do some research on how students preferred to be notified.  US News & World Report recently ran a story about all the admissions hoopla. Here’s an excerpt:

“The controversy over the best way to inform students of their fates is likely to heighten in 2009 as a growing number of colleges experiment with:

Text messages. Baylor University is one of a growing number of schools that blast out congratulatory text messages (though it sends rejections via snail mail).

Videos. Elon University has started informing this year’s accepted students by E-mailing a link to a video of cheering crowds and the words “Congratulations. You’ve been accepted to Elon!” followed by inspirational music and shots of the scenic North Carolina campus. After receiving complaints that its Web admissions notifications weren’t celebratory enough, Binghamton University added flash animation to its E-mail last year. The University of Georgia, which has for several years greeted accepted students with a link to an animated graphic of fireworks, says this year’s fireworks will be flashier than ever. Bryn Mawr, which launched its video acceptance last year, is promising an even better video this year.

Goodies. St. Bonaventure University in western New York this year gussied up the acceptance package (which contains a T-shirt) that it sends out. MIT sent out a tube filled with a poster and confetti to its early acceptees, as it has for several years. Other schools are shipping bumper stickers, decals, and other knickknacks.

Fancy letters. Ithaca College three years ago replaced its single-page acceptance letter (contained in a misleadingly thin envelope) with what it calls its “Phat package”—a foot-long envelope emblazoned with the words “Something big is about to happen.” Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa., upped its game this year with a fancy new translucent envelope holding a green linen folder embossed with the college seal and the words: “You have been accepted.”

Certificates. Baylor this year joined many other schools, including Rutgers and Elon, in sending out suitable-for-framing acceptance certificates.”

So…it begs the question, how do students prefer to be notified?  Is the electronic rejection too impersonal?  And does a fancier admission letter really influence your decision of where you’ll attend?


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