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With money especially tight for a lot of people these days, it may not be an option to go on a college tour this spring break.  But it’s still super important to research as much as you can about the options that are out there, and thankfully there are some great low-cost alternatives to the more expensive college visits.

I’ve blogged before about Unigo, the website featuring hundreds of college reviews by college students.  It’s awesome because you get unedited perspectives from a whole range of students, plus videos, forums, and the ability to save the information you’ve researched to your personal account.

Another great site to check out is YouTube’s recently launched EDU.  Colleges and universities are able to upload videos about the school, lectures from featured professors, or any other broadcast-worthy event from their campus.  What I like about EDU is the opportunity it gives you to “sit-in” on some classes from the comfort of your own living room.

So whether you’re a senior getting your decision notices this week or just starting to research colleges, take some time to know your schools before you make that all-important decision of where to attend.


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