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At the end of August I had the amazing opportunity to spend some time with my family on the sunny beaches of Florida’s east coast. Knowing that I would be going off to college in two years we decided, instead of flying back to New York City, to pack up all of our luggage on top of our big, tan minivan, and drive home—stopping at seven different colleges along the way. My mom told me we had 4 days, and 5 nights to get back to New York City, and the rest was up to me. I was in charge of plotting, planning, mapping, and scheduling tours and hotels and everything. Although it was time consuming, with the help of, I was able to map our way through seven schools of my choosing: Davidson, Wake Forest, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, William and Mary, UVA and Georgetown.

I was initially really excited to visit certain schools (Duke, UVA), and others were just kind of on the way (Davidson, Georgetown). However, all of them sparked some interest. Before hitting each college, we read the 3-page summary in the Fiske Guide to College (I highly recommend it for a brief overview of TONS of colleges). So arriving at each campus, I already had some preconceived notions.
I thought I would love the medium-to-large size campuses, with a great sense of community and school spirit.  I was expecting to love UNC Chapel Hill and was really excited about seeing Duke.

But after our 5-day East-Coast College Tour, I ended up falling in love with totally different colleges than I imagined. What I thought about a school on paper wasn’t necessarily consistent with the feelings I got once I was on campus. I realized that I could fit in a smaller school (like Davidson, with only 1,700 students) or a much larger school (UVA has approximately 22,000 students).

Getting a basic grip on the whole college thing was a great experience. I have no idea where I want to go, but I do know that a school can look and sound great on paper, but you might have a totally different opinion if you visit. Being able to actually walk around the campus (especially if you can sign-up for a tour) really gave me a feel for the different schools, and I would highly recommend seizing the opportunity if it arises.

Hannah and Family Gearing Up For A College Road Trip


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