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Gone are the days of simply relying on glossy college marketing materials to research a school.  Now it’s easier than ever to get the real scoop that can help you decide where to attend thanks to some awesome college sites that let users weigh in with their opinions and shout-outs for their schools.  They answer questions like…How happy are students on a college campus? Are professors really teaching classes and are they good teachers? What are the local campus hotspots? What are the dorms really like?

If you’re looking for some honest feedback on your favorite schools, then check out some of my favorite college review sites:

Yollege–This college review site launched earlier this year and was named one of the Best of the Web 2008 newcomers by BusinessWeek.  From the website, “Yollege is an exciting new student driven college review site that empowers college students across the nation to finally have a voice. Share your passionate thoughts and opinions on every aspect of your campus. From nightlife to dorm life, campus hotspots to local flavor, college life will never be the same.”

UnigoI blogged about this site in September after I read an article about Unigo in The New York Times Magazine-College Issue, and I’m still a huge fan.  Not only can you read reviews, see photos, and watch videos from current college students representing hundreds of schools across the country, but there is tons of information about applying to college written by Unigo’s editorial staff.  Overall, it’s a great starting point to launch your college search.

Seventeen’s College & Career–Of course, I have to give a shout-out to Seventeen’s College & Career hub which features Q&A from yours truly, but there are a lot of other awesome features like an internship finder, volunteer opportunity finder, and the Freshman 15 which features videos and blogs from current college students, as well as information about researching and applying to college (including tips from my book Seventeen’s Guide to Getting Into College!).

College Help From College ConfidentialCollege Confidential has been around for awhile, and it features hundreds of free articles on college admissions, college search, financial aid, and college book reviews, plus a leading college discussion forum (my favorite!). They also specialize in Ivy League college counseling.

Do you have a favorite college review site?  As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.


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