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If you’re thinking about declaring your major and wondering which industries are forecasted to have the most growth and job opportunities for the next few years, then check out MSN’s predictions for the 5 most marketable degrees.


With an average starting salary over $52,000, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, nurses can look forward to an increase of approximately 470,000 jobs between now and 2016.

Computer/Information Science

With starting annual salaries hovering around the $60,000 mark, computer science grads claimed the No. 1 fastest-growing occupation in the country — network systems and data communication analysts — with the field expected to add over 160,000 jobs between now and 2016.


While the financial and housing sectors crumble, those entering the engineering market are still finding decent jobs and decent pay, especially in the areas of computer and project engineering.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, two of the top 20 fastest-growing occupations require economics or business-related degrees to break in, and the average starting salary is $53,000.


The National Educational Association estimates that in the next decade, more than 2 million new teachers will be needed to replace retirees and tend to increasing student populations. The field is especially ripe for bilingual, special education, math and science educators.

And the least marketable degrees (at least for the next few years) according to MSN are Print Journalism, Advertising, Architecture, Real Estate, and Film Studies.  Of course, just because these are less marketable doesn’t mean these fields are non-existent.  I’m taking my own advice here (as a filmmaker and writer) to follow your heart but know that the job market in these fields will probably be a little leaner and tougher in the near future.


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Q: “What are some good jobs that are enjoyable and can show my creative side, but still pay good money despite the fact that the economy isn’t doing too well?”

–Keema, 16, Williamstown, NJ

A: It seems no matter how old you are, the economy has everyone worried these days. But the silver lining on the cloud of unemployment is that the U.S. Department of Labor is reporting growth in several major industries, which is good news for future job seekers. If you’re interested in a career that gets your creative juices and money flowing, then check out these hot job industries forecasted to stay sizzling until 2014:

Information Technology — You’ve seen the explosion of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a huge demand for creative and tech-savvy developers, programmers, and designers. The Internet just keeps on growing, and that’s good news for job seekers in the information tech industry.

Marketing & Public Relations — A business can only get as big as the audience it reaches, and for that you need marketers, analysts and publicists. Writing, event planning, running promotions, researching trends, advertising, and thinking outside the box are just some of the skills this hot industry demands.

Health Care — Beyond just doctors and dentists and nurses, there is a growing need for care in the retirement community. Think that doesn’t sound creative? Think again. Social directors for active adult communities are responsible for keeping a packed schedule of entertaining events, kind of like a cruise director on land.

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