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If you’re taking the SAT this fall and you’re like most high school students, you’ll not only need a pencil but a whole lot of test preparation.  If you don’t have the money to pay for a fancy test prep course but still want to get the highest score possible, then check out–a free SAT Prep Course started by a current student at Harvard.

Here’s what Jason Shah, the founder of INAP has to say, “ is completely free and should be used as a comprehensive program to prepare for the SAT. I have made hundreds of original lessons and practice questions available (that I and a team of SAT tutors created from scratch) along with a number of cool tools that I believe will make test prep more interesting and effective in raising test scores.”

To get started, visit to register for online courses, practice questions, and score projections, and studying tips…

And speaking of tips, what helped you prepare for the SAT?


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